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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed, designed and published by Ray Garnett

Spirituality through Photography

A new series started at the beginning of 2020 in our Church weekly newsletter, HMC News, about Spirituality through Photography. The series consists of a weekly photograph with a spiritual message in the form of a caption accompanying the photo.  Most of the pictures will be of everyday things I have photographed but unusual in that they are not what you would normally take pictures of.

The idea is to encourage us to look at each picture and think how it can relate to our faith and ourselves.  You’ll need to think outside the box!  Photography is not about just looking at a picture but having a feeling about it. If you can’t feel anything, how do you expect others to?

What can you see in the picture? What connection can it possibly have to God and what does it mean to you through your thoughts, feelings and emotions? Can you think of an alternative caption?  Do the pictures make you think about your relationship with God?

Life can be like a camera, focus on
what’s important and if things don’t
work out take another shot.

The first picture and its caption appeared in the newsletter at the beginning of our new decade on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Date published
Image and caption
Date published

Image and caption

12th January

19th January

23rd February

A camera is an instrument that teaches how to see without a camera.

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels about what is being photographed.

Let’s not only take great photos but let’s make great photos with our lives.

Photography is a language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

When words become unclear - focus with photographs.

Taking pictures with a camera is savouring life for a hundredth of
a second.

On this page, take a look at the pictures.  How would you relate them to God?

Visitors to this page may use these photographs free of charge if they would like to use them in a similar light to link them to a relationship
with God.

A small credit would be appreciated.

Don’t put a barrier between you and God.

The gate to Heaven is never locked.

How  you travel to God doesn’t matter, what matters is that you get there.

Make sure you take the right track to get to God.

Suggested alternative caption:

The down-line or the up-line - your choice!

Don’t you think it’s  time you gave God a call?

Suggested alternative caption:

God is calling - and the door is always open.

Don’t lock Jesus out of your life.

Suggested alternative caption:

Locked into despair? God’s love has the key.

With God you won’t be hitting your head against a brick wall.

Can we take more steps
towards God?