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Hanwell Methodist Church
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Junior Mission for All (JMA) is a Methodist Church group sponsored by Hanwell Methodist Church. Although the organisation is aimed at younger members of the Church, there are a number of adults who are also members. The JMA promise involves learning, praying and serving with the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ. Much of the learning by members is done by reading their regular Rainbow magazine and joining in the activities of the Church. Members are asked to pray for the people they have learnt about, many of whom are based overseas in poor parts of the world. Serving is achieved by collecting and raising money from friends at Church and elsewhere often through sponsored activities and Church events such as a Summer Fayre.

JMA has thousands of members all over Britain and Ireland working together to improve the lives of people round the world. Altogether JMA raises about £700,000 a year. News of projects supported are highlighted in the JMA's Rainbow magazine. Some projects have included such things as bicycles in Bolivia, new schools in Mozambique to helping children go to schools in China and sending books to China.

Members are encouraged to send photos and articles for publication in the magazine, especially if they involve
sponsorship ideas they have undertaken to raise funds.

Junior Mission for All (JMA)

If you want to know more then contact our local JMA secretary through our Church or, for more general details, email jma@methodistchurch.org.

Several of our  Junior Church members are also members of our JMA group. If you would like more details please contact one of our Church Stewards who will put you in contact with our JMA Secretary.