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Hanwell Methodist Church
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Pictures of our rooms

Hanwell Methodist Church

Groups using our premises

Besides the numerous Church groups using our premises like Scouts and Girl Guides, we also have many outside groups that regularly use our accommodation and facilities. Some of these groups have included:

135 mother and toddler play sessions

Badminton group

Borough elections

Diabetic advice

Dog and puppy handling classes

Gardening Club

Irish dancing, ballet and tap

Medical support sessions

Pre-school playgroups

Self-defence group

Showers for the homeless

Soup kitchen

Table tennis group

Yoga group

Zumba group

If you are interested in details about any of these groups then many of them advertise on our Church notice board outside the front of the building.

Further pictures of our Church also appear on our About page, our Worship page and our Church Rotas page.

Clicking on the Room Plans link button will download you a file in pdf format. You can read it  and print it with Adobe Reader which is free from Adobe.com.  If you intend to use the drawings to plan the layout of an event you may wish to check the accuracy of them by viewing the rooms.

Click on the button below if you need to download Adobe Reader in order to read pdf files.

Centenary Room

The Parlour

Memorial Hall (looking south)

Main Hall (looking north)

Middle Hall looking north

Hire of Accommodation

The cost of running and
maintaining our Church and
meeting with legal obligations
runs into thousands of
pounds each year. To help
with Church finances, the
Church is very dependent
on funding the general
running costs through the
hire of its rooms for meetings
and functions. The Church has
several rooms that can be hired along with two kitchens. These rooms vary in size and some can connect to others if you require more than one room. Some rooms also have pianos in them. The rooms available are:

Centenary Room - is at the very front of the building and has its own small kitchen/serving hatch and toilet. It also has a small side room adjacent to it which we call the Quiet Room.

The Church

Main Hall - with a serving hatch to our main kitchen. The Main Hall also has a stage although part of it tends to be used for storage. At present we are unable to allow the stage to be used/hired.

Middle Hall

Church Parlour

Memorial Hall

Small meeting room (measures 5m by 3m and will comfortably hold 14 people)


There is also a field at the back of the Church which can be hired.

If you are thinking of hiring a room then you are welcome to discuss your requirements, availability and prices with our Lettings Officers who can also advice on capacities. A contact name is given on our Contacts page.

Being a Methodist Church no alcohol is allowed on our premises - this includes items such as prizes at events which offer activities such as tombolas and lucky dips. We regret that we are unable to accept bookings for parties of any kind.

Pictures of our rooms are listed on the left-hand side of this page. If you would like a scaled plan of our rooms that show the location of kitchens, radiators and electrical sockets, etc. then click on the button below to download a pdf file.


Our small kitchen at the side of our Centenary Room offers hot water and coffee/tea mugs suitable for serving light refreshments for upto about 30 people.  It has a small sink for washing up and a small serving hatch.

Our main kitchen located adjacent to our Main Hall can cater for more substantial meals. It has large stainless steel worktops, two large sinks and a large gas cooker with 8 ring burners and a large oven.  It also has a refrigerator (no ice compartment) and a microwave oven. There is a large serving hatch directly into the Main Hall but the kitchen could also provide food for serving in our other rooms at the back of the Church (Middle Hall, Memorial Hall and Parlour). Crockery hire is also available if required.

Broadband facilities

Broadband Wifi access is available throughout the premises and includes a safeguarding lock on the system.

If you would like to use the broadband signal please refer to your booking officer to obtain the necessary system name (SSID) and password.

Hire charge rates (per hour)

*   When the Church is hired it will also include
use of the Centenary Room.

**  Use of the kitchen is included in all bookings,
for making drinks, light snacks, etc, but there is
a charge when hot food is prepared.

Room Plans.

Main Hall (looking south)

Memorial Hall (looking north)

Kitchen adjoining Main Hall

Centenary Room:
small kitchen and toilet

Middle Hall looking south

Centenary Room
* The Church
The Main Hall
The Middle Hall
The Parlour
Small meeting room
The Memorial Hall
** The Kitchen
The Field